Parish Mission

Awakening The Faith

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Why a Parish Mission?

parish mission

The Deacons in Ministry parish mission, or parochial mission, draws the whole parish together. It recharges the congregation. Everyone takes time for the truly important things like wonder, mystery and prayer. People reconcile. Faith is awakened. Vocations are discovered. Families are healed. Lives are forever changed. The parish mission will enable the congregation to discover afresh its ultimate calling and meaning. A Parish Mission is a MUST. Why? Because nothing less than miracles can happen! Miracles of the heart!

Engaging Parish Mission Themes

  • The joy of our Catholic heritage.
  • The art of prayer – meeting God in authentic conversation.
  • How to deal with the tough issues of life.
  • Mary, the model of our discipleship.
  • Contemplative prayer is for everyone.
  • Healing relationships.
  • Transforming anger and bitterness through compassion.
  • Healing past hurts.
  • How life’s losses can become steppingstones to new beginnings.
  • How to forgive from the heart.
  • Embracing the unconditional love of God.
  • Recognizing the sacred moments of our lives.
  • Parish Renewal —Parish Retreat —Parish Ministry.

A Parish Mission Awakens The Faith

Come join Deacons Eddie Ensley and Robert Herrmann on a parish mission contemplative journey…learn to pray as Jesus and the early Christians prayed “and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew Deacon Ensley is one of the most gifted Catholic speakers today. His writings have been fervently recommended to the Church by spiritual giants like Fr. Benedict Groeschel. describing himself as “a miner in search of the forgotten riches of our Christian past” he conducts primary-source parish mission research into the vast and long Christian and Jewish history of spirituality.


Deacons in Ministry


“The Mission proved to be a tremendous help for our families ……... our attendance was better than ever. The guided meditations throughout were vivid and also uplifting. The parish mission was filled with solid content... The greatest compliment has been in the attendance”. 

Fr. John T. Euker, St. John the Baptist, Perryopolis, PA

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